dollspit (dollspit) wrote in my_ruin,

My Ruin Banners Needed

I am needing someone to make some my ruin banners for me. I am not good at making banners. I need the banners to say "My Ruin Sanctuary' on them. I do not care what size, font, picture, or color are on the banners. These will be used for a my ruin forum me and this guy are making. If you want me to credit you, Let me know and I will do so. Thanks!
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I made this;

I don't have any pics of them on my computer and didn't find so many good ones so I could only make this one at the moment.

Let me know if you use it or want me to add a url to it or something. Or if you'd like me to make another one.
I LOVE it! :) If you'd be willing to make a few more, I'd appreciate that as well! Thanks!
I'll just have to find some good pics first, then I'll make some more.
Ok, Thanks! :)
Yes, I do like them! :) Thanks! I will post up the link to the forum in a few days.
sounds great!
Thanks! :) I am giving my friend the links to your banners right now, so I'm waiting on him to reply. Once he does, I'll start linking the my ruin forum.
I'll join now!