Satans_Fairy_ (satans_fairy_) wrote in my_ruin,

hey guys! hope you're all well. noticed i hadn't posted here yet, so thought i would post a few pics from when i've seen my ruin live =)



These were taken at The Waterfront, Norwich (UK) 2006. this was the first time I'd seen the band, and i was blown away! i was a couple of rows back from the front of the gig, but still quite close.

This was The Park, Peterborough (UK) janurary 2009. second time i saw the band. it was amazing! i was right at the front for this gig.  got to talk to the band for longer after this gig too.

I missed the last tour they did, i was soooo gutted =( i hope they come back soon. i also made a group on facebook for Tairrie B fans, so please join if you are a member of facebook - 
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